✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


I vacuumed my apt, did dishes, and did the laundry so that my clothes and bedsheet don’t stink anymore.
This whole week since I got out of the hospital, I’ve taken my meds every night and made sure to eat every day…
I went to Wal Mart on a Saturday and even tho there were a ton of people there and I wanted to flee, I got most of the items on my grocery list…
I smiled and laughed at something I read…


Good advice. =^_^=


I bought a few groceries, picked up a prescription, did an errand at the registry, and bought a single cheese burger for myself. Now I have to nap.


I was able to leave the house and wasn’t super worried about getting murdered? Does this count?


:yum: I am hungry. I am waiting another hour before I eat and take meds.


I woke up not feeling well mentally and physically but I forced myself to bathe and then I took my daughter out to pick up some groceries and back here to visit for a bit. All I wanted to do was go back to bed so to me it was a big accomplishment.


That’s a really beautiful poem @crimby. I love snowy egrets. We have them out by creeks and drainage basins here in Northern California.


What a positive thread, I love it! :slightly_smiling_face: I just woke up, my day is just starting, but maybe later when I have done some things I can post about them.


Good morning to you ! @freakonaleash Have a nice day!


Today, I made potato salad and crockpot salsa chicken. Also baked 5 dozen chocolate chip and 2 dozen peanut butter cookies. Oh and apple-filled bars. All this good stuff but I did botch an attempt at fudge. Candy is very temperamental, kind of like me, LOL.


WaW! that seems like a huge accomplishment! what an inspiration. I will start doing the same soon.

On Sundays, I will make 5 different foods and store them in small Tupperwares for 5 days so we have food every night. It will save me some money.

But during this week, I will bake some cookies and maybe caramels myself! :yum:


Don’t forget you can freeze cookies for 1-3 months. I’m new to freezing prepared food. So far its been amazing, to just pull something out, thaw and enjoy it.


Thanks. I worry that I use that “ing verb tense” too much. I think they call that the “present participle”. I’ll have to re-read that poem a lot and decide what I think of that.


Oh, just groceries. Made some burgers, and I’m very happy with the result :slight_smile:


I had a better than ever visit with my sister.


failed to study for my arabic final all day, was in bed all day. checked moodle an hour ago and found out its actually on tuesday! feeling so relieved :sunglasses:


Good luck on your Arabic final! I’m also taking college Arabic classes for language credits (except I’m a native speaker so I’m a bit of a cheat :slight_smile: )


I just took a bath, washed my hair, and brushed my teeth. After I eat Spaghetti - O’s and rest I’ll do laundry.


practically everyone in my class came in with prior knowledge, many were arab or muslim. ive memorized quite a bit of quran in high school. still everyone was cheating, they were way better than me. many of them spoke dialects of arabic which weren’t fusha so they were just polishing up i guess.


ya im in the liberal arts college too so i need 4 semesters of a foreign language too.