✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


If you haven’t already, @tukey, try some of that sarcosine supplement. It helps with negative symptoms. In my case, I’m in less medication “fog” and it is easier for me to study. Good luck this week!


You know what, I will give it another shot. I stopped after 3 day the first time because it was giving me some depression the following day. Some of my negative symptoms have resolved themselves on their own but others are still there. What about for you?


Wow ok I took sarcosine and it kicked me back out of my rut real fast. I’m feeling “life is good” again… So much so that I wanna go back to my relaxing/not working life and just enjoy my days. I started watching a tv show. This is something I haven’t done on my own initiative in almost 2 months and I’m enjoying it!


I just have more motivation to do things like homework. I’m in less mental fog. And weirdest of all, my dry mouth is gone.


I’m so badass I drink chocolate milk right out the bottle.


I managed to go through the day with intrusive thoughts. I have pdoc appointment on Wednesday. I will ask my doctor to either increase Lexapro from 5 to 10 or to increase Geodon. I want to take an extra 20 mg at lunch time.


I had a really good day at substitute teacher training, maybe due to the sarcosine. I got up at 6:30 on my own alarm, I drove 1 hr out to the school, spent 6 hours learning including saying a whole 1 hr presentation. My presentation turned out worse than everyone else because I had a nut job partner and I didn’t have the attention to pay attention to a lot of detail myself. But I passed nonetheless and realized I quite enjoy being in front of the class. Now I am going to drive 1 hour to get to the mall to hang out with a friend.


I made yummy burgers today and did the dishes afterwards :slight_smile:


Convinced myself to go to the ER cause I’ve been super sick, and got my prescription at Walgreens after patiently waiting :slight_smile:


I made myself have a bath despite being scared of the water… I just get like that sometimes, I’ve put it off for five days.


I went grocery shopping by myself and also got some milk at the deli.
A productive day for me.


Made it through the wedding expo without my mom being a ■■■■. We all had a good time and got lots of information to plan my Sept wedding.

Preparing myself for an additional MRI tomorrow. Doesn’t appear like good news on the horizon.


Yesterday I went to see a new social worker. I made it there despite the bad roads, in the dark and 6" of snow. I’d say it was a successful meeting. She was nice and seemed very competent despite her young age. I jabbered on for 55 minutes and felt better when I left.

I even went so far as to make an additional appointment in 2 weeks. Go Me! Big step for me.


Lately, I’ve decided to become mentally strong.
If not this decision, the day I had today would give me cancer. (it was a hard and a very weird day)
Everything at work became crazy af, I’ve survived it and had no sweat on forehead while doing so :sunglasses:


Brushed my teeth today! That’s about it but I’m happy that at least I did that!


I went to the shops twice by myself this morning! Then I had my pdoc appointment this afternoon.
Just waiting for my friend to get home from work so I can chat more to him before going to bed.


I managed to get out of bed and to school in time, even though I really did not want to and every fiber in my body was screaming “Go back to bed and deal with the consequences later!”


I went to group today and we did ink printing. I made a design on a bag. Hand made. I have also taken a shower.


I went to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of things. I have a cold so this was kind of brutal for me but I did it.


i just got handed my acceptance packet for my first choice college!! its all suddenly real and i let out a squeal and that rhymed and i didnt even intend for it to :wink: