✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


I stopped smoking weed on christmas

I have been very consistent over the last month.


if we were going to post a thread about your little defeats the list would be longer. but I suppose we should be optimistic…


Lol perhaps 151515

My actual contribution to this thread is that I’m out walking in glorious sunny weather. :sunny:


As Erez usually says, surviving is winning
Don’t see no problem here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yesterday I had my first day of substitute teacher training and it went well! It turned out to be a easy class where they really just want you to pass. I had no problems driving to and from. Scared about teaching a 1 hour lesson coming up though… I have confusion looking at the material and bad attention that I just had to “live with” while I was sitting in class. I also have an interview for a part time job. Since I have about two months to wait for substitute teaching to approve I might give it a shot.


Fell asleep during my MRI today, as opposed to freaking out which the previous patient before me did. Making hot dogs for dinner.


I am drinking tea which seemed to put me in an extra motivated state. Yesterday I was partnered with a teacher who wasn’t pulling his weight so I did most of the lesson plan by myself and made bell work and examples and activities. This morning I set the alarm and got myself up despite med grogginess and got gas and drove to day treatment. Now I am done with treatment and will drive to substitute teacher training early to study for the practice quiz. The tax place where I lied about my accounting experience called me back and want to talk to me, so I could be back to work as early as next month! Over $15 per hour! If I get it, I plan to work tax till April to gain experience, then substitute teach when I get approved. In the mean time look for a car to buy with all the money I saved.


I had a dentist appointment today and I was super anxious about it for days, so I’m just glad I got that done without freaking out badly. And I drove myself there…


I can’t believe I managed to get through this day. I had such a stressful day with intrusive thoughts. Can’t believe how much ■■■■ I have to put up with on a daily basis, just sitting at home. I look so happy and thriving from the outside, inside it is world war III


I hear you. :confused: My thoughts never. Freaking. Stop.

I spent some quality time with my family today. :slight_smile:


I got this problem as a result of side effect of my med. it went away with anxiety meds and now with day treatment. I still get anxiety but much less and more often I am able to overcome it


I got Security+ certified today because I passed the exam. One step closer to making the big bucks :smile:


I learned a new lesson today. It is gloomy and I did not consider how much natural light I need for a photoshoot.
I spent 1 hour doing my hair and makeup for a special selfie and no matter how many photos I took, they came out too dark. I gave up eventually.

I will try again on a sunny day.


I am practicing positive thinking. Yesterday I managed to pass the substitute teaching quiz despite being mostly unable to study. I was freaking out and only able to study 5 minutes at a time and get about 30 min in total. This morning I got up at 6 am despite how fatigued from the meds I was and made it through day treatment. I am freaking out about the tax job since the last time I worked, it ended badly. But I used the positive thinking techniques I learned in CBT and told myself I was letting negative emotions take over and need to use wise mind. I have a job interview today and another interview next week Friday. In addition I see my therapist next week Wedneday and have day treatment and substitute teacher training as well as some support groups I wanna go to all this weekend and next week. But due to therapy I am not letting myself get overwhelmed. Whatever happens, happens. If I fail, at least what I am doing now is give it a good try.


I’m going to brush my teeth right now! That’s a major accomplishment for me. There, I did it. Yay!


Guys look what I did today, I painted my chimney breast all by myself :flushed:


I managed to make a pot of coffee, help my mom and shave.


I went out in an extreme cold weather warning to get groceries and a prescription - ate a healthy meal. Feeling better and resting comfortably now. :slight_smile:


I did a load of laundry, my sheets and blanket so I can have a nice smelling sleep later. I’m also making myself food, which is very hard for me.


That reminds me – I need to do laundry! Thanks.