✨ Post Your Little Victories ✨


Every day is a new chance to start over :sparkles:

What did you accomplish today?


Not much. It’s 11:30 am, and I just woke up. I intend to do some writing today. I’m hoping that will make it a constructive day.


I went out shopping, and I could afford everything I needed :smiley:


My little victory is I had a hellish morning and got through it. I feel better now.

Also I saw my nieces today and I acted upbeat and they had a good time.


@crimby do you want to share some of your writing with us?

@berru what did you buy? If you don’t mind me asking. And I am so happy you are doing well :smiley:


you are funny :smile: Chill and be happy. Not much is worth to be upset about in this life.


I’m out for a walk to settle my anxiety :smiley:
I stopped purging and I’m eating normal.
I’m seeing my doctor next week to take care of my paranoia :clap:t2:


Leaving apt to get a soda


Went to a nearby park and walked around a track there a couple of times. :slight_smile:


It is good you are doing this if the weather permits. Walking is very important.


I’m making caramels today for my husband to take to work as gifts,

The first batch has turned out nicely.

Two more to go,

Mexican chocolate coconut and bourbon black pepper.


I went grocery shopping last night.
I also brushed my teeth last night.
Now I’m waking up around noon which is super early for me.
And I’m gunna make myself have a shower!

Yay baby steps.


I’ll share a poem I wrote. I call it “Snow White Sentinels”.

They stand at every bend in the river,
snow white egrets, solemn and stoic,
next to blue flowers on gravel bars.
Down the waterway they hold their place
in a mystery of silent communion,
with the dignity of soldiers guarding
their sacred post: the rite of Spring,
the stirring of larvae in their struggle,
life beginning, the miracle commencing,
the sacred rising from mud.
The balm of nature, water flows past,
carrying seeds of life finding joy,
the cause of nature, genesis ascending.
All life is precious, all connected,
all seeking the spasm of procreation.
Throughout nature mothers sing,
giving life and nurturing existence.
As long as the white birds come
the seed will be safe,
protected by white sentinels.
Dragonflies hover over the scene,
catching the sunlight in an ecstasy of being,
carrying these words of truth: I am alive.

This poem has been lurking around in my notebooks in different drawers where I live. It has undergone many revisions, and it might undergo more. I hope you like it.


I love it! Good job. Very well composed and beautiful!


Survived another day.


Today I have discovered a true vegan healthy-ish chocolate, made mainly from soy protein, cacao and a bit of nut oil.
I can’t wait till I can eat one more of these tomorrow :drooling_face:


Today i found my work replacement and handed over the keys cause im going on a 3 week vacation yes!!!


These cookies you are making every day sound delicious! :yum:

I will go shopping tomorrow and buy the ingredients for some holiday baking during the week.

I will make batches of assorted Christmas cookies!


Baking that many batches of cookies is exhausting!

That’s why I opted for the caramels and scones this year.

The scones are easy and everyone loves the caramels,

Just because most people don’t know how to make them I guess.

They’re surprisingly easy,

If you want a good beginners recipe, this is the best one I’ve found:


Can you believe I have never baked cookies? It is the first time I will try.

I did not research it even yet.

I might make the caramels. Everyone within our group is diabetic so I was thinking of making healthier versions of cookies with less sugar and dark chocolate or ginger :woman_shrugging:t2: Let’s see by tomorrow.

These look delicious. Do you know where I can find small papers like this? is this parchment paper?


Its just cut up parchment paper.

Not to be a downer, but its been my baking experience that its just best to go full fat with cookies,

You’ll have to eat less, but they taste so much better.