Spaghetti Western Without Deadly Guns

Tex: Well Jimbo did you hear of the incident at the saloon. Some fellar got his Sunday suit stained by food dye from water pistols.
Jimbo: I heard it was the Raviolli Gang. Which reminds me a shipment of spaghetti came to the station today.
Tex: When Cookie makes them it should be delicious.
Jimbo: But what about the Raviolli Gang?
Tex: You know the script. Head them off at the pass.
Jimbo: We sure are going to have trouble riding these donkies.
Tex: We’ll get there eventually.
(Meanwhile at the Raviolli Gang’s hideout.)
Rancid: Why are we eating spaghetti and not running?
Daultry: We’ve got to let them head us off at the pass. It takes a while to travel on donkies,
(the cell phone rings.)
Tex: Hey we’re at the pass. You can come now.
Rancid: We’ve got super soakers. You can’t hope to win.
(Now to the fight)
Tex: Yep that was a good water fight, But these tasers are better.
Rancid: Hey no fair. Those can be lethal.
Jimbo: We have them on low charge.
Tex: Now to stain your shirts in public.
Rancid: No in front of my Mother.
(at the end Tex and Jimbo having humiliated the Raviolli gang ride into the sunset.)
Tex: You know sometimes your darned if you do and darned if you don’t.
Jimbo: Yep.

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wow good story…I think if you made this into a “step sheet” as the events in a book…you could write a novel or short story with this…very good…thanks .