Spaceship 151515


Reminds me of the covenant ships in Halo


How are you doing it ?
How long does it take for you to make one like the spaceship ?
You know you should try out new car designs, what do you think ?

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This one took me an hour. I’m not really good at cars lol. But maybe

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nice man. love it.

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Ty man, I’m trying to crack the code with how to do detail balance on models, it’s very hard. But I think I’m progressing.

You wanna play the tank game tomorrow?

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Yes we could play :hugs:

@magz I am not keeping well just letting you know

I dont understand, what do you mean “keeping well”? Sick?

it’s ok we dont have to play

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Yes not well I don’t know I think it’s anxiety or restlessness. I checked my diabetes it’s 196 after heavy food and bp is normal 128/ 86

My entire body is shivering and its like electrocuted.

I feel better after salt lemonade now. Shesh it was horrible just few minutes back

Alright, I hope you get well. Let me know if you want to play some other time.

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