Space ship


i got the car serviced today in the ’ big town ’ and when driving back i found myself in a space ship.
so i was driving the car and flying this space ship at the same time.
long story short i crashed the space ship ! who needs LSD !
the other thing that is happening is i can be in a room or sitting outside on the street in the ’ big town ’ and i am suddenly in a different world with alien creatures walking past me, the texture of the buildings change, the road everything…
then when i was at this cafe sitting outside i thought the waitress was a member of this site who had tracked me down to where i live…so that was my day !
take care

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wow! sounds like one hell of a day hunni. i’m sooo glad i don’t c things and i’m sorry that u do. it must b very hard to distinguish reality…or maybe u get used to it and can after a while? i guess it would b just like voices. the more experience u have the easier it becomes. that’s what its like for me anyway. it can b depressing when they r omnipresent but that’s about it really. they don’t terrify me like they used to at all anymore. u just get tired of the ■■■■■■■■ and say “whatever” and carry on. is that what it’s like when u c things?

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So you got in a car accident? That sucks man. I got in an accident lately, it was 130am and I was very sedated from my meds and shouldnt have been driving. Now my car is fixed up and I wasnt hurt or psychologically shaken up too bad.

But are you ok now? Sounds like quite a day in the life

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here a tune for your galaxy ride

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it actually does not bother me the seeing or hearing, it is the depression that is a killer .
i am sorry you go through it.
take care



dark is that you, i can barley see you.
i found this too aid you in your further endeavors

its also handy for finding your spaceship?

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i am sorry you were in an accident at least you are okay.
no the space ship crashed not the car, i am so used to it living in two worlds at once it does not bother me, i only crashed the space ship because my beings/aliens were testing my skills , but i failed to think outside the box, so crashed…
take care

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I was thinking you crashed both at once. I’m glad it was the ship and not the car. The ship can be rebuilt quickly. The car…

I’m Ok with the voices and the faces coming out of the walls, but your right, the depression and the apathy and lethargy… I hate the depression so much.

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ah yes aliens, they are sometimes in the box,and sometimes observing the box.
yes weird…

i dont fail, since there is no box…
i like too believe

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