Space Heaters. Some questions before buying

Hello, everyone!

I’m looking for a space heater. But, to be honest, I have never used them.

I found some reviews and decided to buy Mr. Heater Gas Indoor. I am thinking about buying this for camp.

So I don’t know about the plugs and stuff. Will this be fine? Will it cause a black out or cause a fire?

Does this heater come with everything I need except the propane?

And if I’ll use it at home, my question is what size of the room will this heat?

Thank you in advance for help!

We used it in our camper and it worked great. Do not plug it into an extension cord, it has to be plugged directly in a wall outlet. It says that in the directions. We had it plugged into a plug extender and it got really hot.

And yes, the heater is ready to go except you’ll need propane It uses the common stubby propane canisters used in propane lamps, etc. Of course, you can buy the optional extension hose and filter and connect it to a larger BBQ size propane tank for much longer run time.

My living room is about 15 x 15 feet, or 225 sq. ft. The heat also carries over into the adjoining kitchenette. I’m using it to supplement the gas heating, & it really helps; it even gets my always-cold feet warm!

Anyway, before buying, I’ll recommend you to read some reviews on, etс.

Hope this helps, & good luck.

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