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Who does a psychiatrist speak to when they got problems?

Do they just medicate themselves?


I’m 99% sure almost all psychiatrists and psychologist have a psychologist themselves.

Why I think this, is because it must be hard carrying the problems of other people all the time. And even though they might try to leave “work” behind and not let it affect their personal lives, it sure does, and it must be hard.

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Well many psychiatrists have psychiatrist friends. Or even work in the same building as other psychiatrists. I’m not sure if they medicate themselves, but they don’t have to go far. My therapist goes to my psychiatrist for scripts. They’re in the same office.

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I personally think that psychiatrists get used to see a lot of psychiatrist patients everyday and it doesn’t affect them anymore.

It’s the same with all the doctors who get used to see sick people to the point they totally lose compassion and become irritated by patients.

What I just told you comes from my personal experience of seeing doctors during 12 years to get a diagnosis while I was sick.

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@anubis Well, yes, I think you’re right. I didn’t think that far.
But I think at least some psychiatrists must have a psychologist, at least in the beginning of their career (?).

Yes I think it’s likely.

I think that psychotherapy can be very punishing for both parties in the relationship. Psychiatrists have a very high rate of suicide. They need to be in psychotherapy themselves to let off steam.

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That’s what I meant!

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as like a GP psychiarists need to pass exams and study for years before they can work…IMO most of them put up a barrier to not absorb their patients issue’s , plus they earn big wages doing such work