Sounds like a delusion, but it isn't

People are reading my mind.
Bear with me here and let me explain.
I have ausburgers indicators and for me part of that is my every thought and emotion shows on my face, even when I think I am hiding it really well and being sneaky. Like:
“Haha! I am TOTALLY acting sensitive and empathetic. This moron has no idea what a dufus I think he is.”
Annnnnnnd it shows on my face.
Does anyone know any ausburger training/therapy thing I can do to make this stop?
It’s been old for a long time now.

Practice in front of a mirror. If you can see it so can they.

People aren’t reading your mind, they are reading your face, that’s much easier to get right.

People can’t read minds. It just SEEMS like they can. Test it out with your psychiatrist. Ask him if he can read your mind. Or try to read his mind.

I know it isn’t a delusion.

Someone can speak in our minds and also hear us think.

none can read ur mind hunni. think about the logistics of that actually being true. read my post in the delusions section and try and ratioalise it ok? good luck.

Eugen Bleuler, a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first person to use the term autism around 1911 to refer to one group of symptoms of schizophrenia. For an example, with delusional person, their logic and reasoning is so isolated and stuck in their own world, people cant convince them they are wrong.

those with autism are another casualty of man’s world. it would seem that their minds have the greatest tendency to reject imposed laws, even linguistic. the laws/rules/rituals that parents impose on their children are utterly senseless. “bed-times” have no sense, and are conformation to herd ritual. “cleaning your room” has no sense as tidiness has no sense in itself. if a child steps on a lego, he learns to put his lego away. bathing and other cleaning rituals which have been taught are for the most part senseless.
children display instincts against all these things, but the ego of the parent insures those instincts are destroyed.