Sounds dangerous but it actually wasn't

When I worked at the hot tub business for four years I had a specific list of tasks that I had to do first thing in the morning, every morning. I had to turn on the music, turn on the pumps, check the hot tubs for any soap that customers got in them, water the plants and feed the fish. Then I spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs and helping customers.

The fish were in a fish tank. This business thrived on being unique and cutting edge. They catered to the well-off. They had the first Sushi bar I had ever seen. This was back in 1983 and I don’t recall seeing any other Sushi bars besides us. And they had this fancy fish tank.

Any way in the fish tank there were actual sea horses, crabs, sunfish and a blowfish. The blow fish was poisonous, it could kill you if one of the spikes on it’s back poked you. But I had to reach inside the tank every morning. I had to put my arm in the water to feed and clean the inside so I had to keep an eye on that blowfish. Nothing ever happened but the danger was there.

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That does indeed sound dangerous!

Reminds me of this scene from flash Gordon where they have to play Russian roulette with a dangerous creature in a tree stump.


I drive around pizza

Sounds much safer!

I had a couple of driving jobs before I got sick.
I was 17 and I didn’t even know what being “stressed out” meant.
But boy, driving through the traffic all over Silicon Valley during rush hour was torture.

Delaware is usually very easy to drive in, but I have visual symptoms, and it makes me very nervous sometimes.

I lived in sacramento from october until this past may, I remember driving in San Francisco :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, geeez, driving through San Francisco can be terrible; all those hills and one-way streets.

I decided it was best to do my driving there late at night. Driving to Arcata though, was scary. Also driving back to the east coast I took I 80, and regretted it

I didn’t start getting symptoms until I got back, thankfully. I couldn’t imagine driving for three days straight right now.

I delivered pizza on the east side of Oklahoma City for a while. Drivers were always getting robbed. There was bullet proof glass all around the store we worked in. I wish criminals would understand how hard they make it for businesses to come in and provide the goods and services that make life better for everyone. There was only one grocery store for a huge area, and very few other businesses.

I used to love driving around so much. I would drive everywhere and anywhere. I would smoke weed while driving and go on 6 hour trips up to syracuse smoking weed the entire way. Then i came down with awful anxiety, now I have to be careful every time I drive because of my anxiety. Couldn’t do a driving job.

When people are on my tail or going to slow I start having panic attacks sometimes. Coffee and the dark…and traffic makes it worse, but still…I miss the days of driving normally.

I have puffers (blow fish) normally they are pretty mellow… for a long time… I haven’t had one puff on me. My two oldest ones just go to opposite corners and hang out when I’m cleaning my tank. The third one I got is calming down and just sort of takes an interest as I clean… he’s quit charging and trying to puff up.
As long as I go slow and don’t surprise them… they just lull around.

It’s really stressful on a puffer to puff… if they don’t feel like their in real danger… they usually won’t puff…

However… my Blue Tang is really aggressive… likes to try to and be a bad ass.

It’s funny to me that the three fish that can cause some damage are mellow and easy going… the very NON dangerous fish tires to be the baddy.

I do wear long thick rubber gloves when I clean the tank… that way anything on my hands… (soap… lotion… anything doesn’t contaminate the tank) also… if my fish do puff… I have on thick gloves…

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