Sounds cliche, but never give up!

So it’s been 10 years since I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia. There’s been a lot of awful things happened, some of which I’m too ashamed of to tell you. There were times when I wanted to end my life. A couple of months ago was one such time, when I was rejected by someone I loved so much. But now I’ve started building a better psychologist-patient relationship with him, and I’m so glad I’m tolerant enough to do such a thing. I’ve learned that things can be overcome, no matter how much pain they’ve given you. I’ve also learned that close relationships are not always the best ones to have, that you need some distance from some kind of people to keep a better relationship with them. So now I enjoy working with him in the day program he presents. I’ll keep trying to improve my life, even with schizophrenia you can feel happiness; it comes from within.

So never give up.

Thank you for reading,


After a year and a half my symptoms are subsiding.