Soul vs physical body

People have told me at least 5x in my life that I have a “beautiful soul” and that my soul is being taught lessons by giving me a tough environment/physical body. Literally 5 people have told me this the last couple years. I don’t like it…because people are telling me my physical body is failed. While my soul is the purpose… it doesn’t seem fair. And it’s an unusual belief afterall. But many people have told me it. Like i am a very old soul. And my soul is special but I got screwed out of a good physical body in this lifetime. But in the next form I take. I will be better for it.

Well f that notion. But on the contrary I do feel my physical body is broken. I have been tormented in this incarnation many times again and again. Broken. But my soul still feels very strong and powerful. I feel my soul can never be broken. Only my physical body can be harmed but my soul feels too strong.

If this is the case, people who are beautiful or really good looking. What is their purpose??? To make soul regression?? Because if by giving me a tough physical body in order to build up my soul, then people who have an easy physical body must have made regression of their soul because life comes so easy for them. What would be the point of that???

Of course this is crazy talk and unusual beliefs and pure speculation. But when 5 ppl say this to you in the course of years you start to believe it to have some meaning.

I believe my physical body has some meaning on this here earth. I may not be the most attractive physically on earth, but I still got my “special soul” at the end of the day!? But we are shallow humans. Very shallow. Which sucks. But it is what it is???

Don’t expect real feedback on this unusual belief, just advice on how to deal with the unusual belief.

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Tell those dualists that they are right and that you’ll suicide in order to free your beautiful soul from your failed body. :wink:

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That’s a good one!!! They will argue “if you commit suicide you will never get the full amount of lessons you were supposed to.”

But you know what. I don’t give a f!!! I just wanna get away from the feeling of getting tortured.

Maybe I need to stop listening to these ppl and just do what makes me happy!!

This is hypothetical purely though. I’m not gonna commit suicide. I enjoy my life way more than these dualists think I do. I don’t really suffer all that much except occasionally I get restless and all and want something more. But at the end of the day I’ve learned to enjoy my life here on earth more then a broken down body ever should.

The dualists are shallow for thinking enlightenment is not a real thing I can achieve regardless of physical body!! Especially since I got such a great soul !!

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You are already very wise and as the ancient greek dualists taught, The body is the tomb of the Soul. :wink:

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