Soul stealing illness

sz is a soul stealer. it robs you of the best years of your life and leaves you like a shell of your former self. There is nothing nice about this disease and they desperately need to come up with better treatments for it quickly.
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Its like having a shell without a ghost sometimes.

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if the antipsychotics weren’t so lousy the ghost would be back in the shell :wink:

yea… even makes liquor sour :sleeping:

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How long have u been ill? I been sick 10, virtually dead 5 years and i am not focused on new medication, i accept it as a possibility. U seem bitter about medications, i think u have the right to be mad about having sz, but u are so mad at the world for not giving u a cure.

you bet I’m bitter, I’ve been sick for 15 years too. In that fifteen years Ive taken every antipsychotic under the sun. They work but look at the cost. theres no quality of life. This forum is partially designed for us to vent our frustrations.
Maybe some scientist will read this and see that their are people suffering without decent treatment. If you could take a med that didn’t have any side effects you think you would be half dead for 5 years? I don’t know about you but Id be out there living my life. Not pent up in the house like a rat because I feel like ■■■■ on my medication.

Well ur case sounds way different from mine. The medication doesn’t hold be back, just numbs me somewhat but i am already empty. Hope for you they come out with something that doesn’t hold you back, that must be frustrating being able-bodied and being forcefully withheld. It’s avolition and anhedonia that really rob me of life, not meds.

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Agreed, life with sz is terrible. Aside from that, these posts reminded me, have you seen the new Ghost in the Shell movie preview? Should be the tits.

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no i haven’t, is it anime?

Live action with Scarlet Johanson as the Major.

she’s smoking hot, my fave

I agree with you MeghillaGorilla1, schizophrenia is a soul stealing illness… that and Scarlet Johanson is smoking hot.