'Sorry not Interested'

My Pdoc just called and woke me up. I just told him ‘sorry not interested’.

I have been trying to get some medical advice for over 6 weeks now…

My reductions are making me feel awful, but I don’t think he can help me

The guy is a ■■■■ and can ■■■■ off


I wonder what he’ll say in his file!?

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I think my file says I am a time waster and a false person with no illness. A person who’s a boil they cannot lance. A leech


I need my pdoc for my meds. But it’s good that you can go without.


I doubt your file says anything of the sort.

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When it takes them 6+ weeks to respond to me properly, I question what my notes say

Weeks of my life gone by in horrible sickness, whilst starting a new job - and only now do I get a very small slice of the doctors time



My pdoc appointment is almost a two month wait… I think a lot of places have long lines with all the covid protocols.

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That sucks you had to wait so long to get a call. I can call my psychiatrists Monday through Friday but they’re not always in the office. My mental health place has less than 50 clients so I have easy access to the staff.

I’ve often wondered what my chart says. It’s entirely possible that yours says something like “highly resistant to treatment. Low priority.” Or words to that effect. Coz from what you’ve been saying, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve been telling them to fck off. So maybe fcking off is what they’re doing. Just my guess.


This is true.

I am a ‘long term service user’ is the polite PC term.

Normally you get discharged after a year or two, but I kept on having relapses and now been on their books for 6 years


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