Sorry if this is a repeat guys - about violence - asked a few weeks ago - advice needed (again)

My 39 yr old sister is living with my mum in a 2 bed flat.
She shouts at her about 2 x a week, with extended bad feelings towards her as a bad mother and not the kind of mother that she was to me

my sister has not grown up
she has been drinking too much for the past 26 years and is rarely without a drink.
i think she has gone back to using cocaine.
my worry is that my mum who is 75 and has ''advanced osteoporosis"
i don’t know if she will but if my sister pushes my now frail mum over she could be very likely to die as a result of any fall

Test to see if alcohol cocaine and violence are linked

Greater Manchester Police investigated the link by drug-testing people arrested for violent offences.
Officers drug-tested 1,000 people arrested for violent offences in the seven month period to March last year.
Half tested positive for drugs and of these, 86% tested positive for cocaine.

43% of a thousand? that is 430 out of 1000 violent offences caused by cocaine.

is that way off do you think?

I don’t know about cocaine, but alcohol is linked to violent behavior. It wouldn’t surprise me if cocaine was too.

I’m sorry about your mom and sister.

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