Sorry i havent been here for a while, hows everybody doing?

Im excited im getting into shape, building muscle. I getting healthier, my arm is almost healed. Thanks god. Hows everybody doing hopefully well.


Doing good, how long ago were you active? maybe some of your buds are still around to say hi


you mean exercise after the hospital, 3 weeks.

Don’t think I recognise you, but welcome back anyway :slight_smile:

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hi starcrazy nice to meet you.

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Hey you missed your Cakeday here @oe1489
I started a Cakeday thread for you yesterday.

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whats cakeday? 151515

The anniversary when you first joined this forum.

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o cool thanks. lol

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Welcome back! Good to hear things are going well for you. Since it was just your cake day, I would like to say how awesome it has been to read you update on all the improvements you’ve made to your life in this year.

I’m on the mend after being physically sick for 11 days. Now it’s just leftover fatigue. I’m glad you’re doing so well.

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Hey @oe1489 glad to hear your arm is on the mend

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Yea thanks, its healing good.

good to hear your arm is better again =)

i been ok myself… just every day the same more or less but good…

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Nice good to chat with you again.

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