Sorry for my thread from yesterday :I don't actually think that guy who verbally abused me would kill/hurt me or join a gang. That was my mentally sick paranoid side talking yesterday but that has now left me

It was his nasty verbal language abuse towards me and emotional abuse that had made me think that he could hurt, kill me and join a gang but now that I feel better those thoughts have gone and I am sure they will never come back.

I don’t think he would do that and so I don’t want to send wrong words out to the world because that is just silly.

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Even if it was your “paranoid side” talking, no one should have to be subject to abusive language and made to feel scared or nervous like that.

I hope he leaves you alone for good :purple_heart:

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Hey, no problem. You had a worried mind, that’s all. I felt you were venting mostly. Hopefully you’ll feel better about it soon.

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Yes those strange thoughts have gone now that was temporary.
He is a good guy.
He has some issues though (as do I)

Thanks for the responses @leaf and @Schztuna


Hon, I’m having a bad day, now. Sending you hugs. :hugs:

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oh why?

hope it wasn’t this thread

Im ok now,:slight_smile:

thankyou for the hugs :))

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everyone except girlfriend and friends is out to kill me when Im psychotic so know how you feel

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No, this thread is cool, hon. I guess I was trying to say I have days like that, too.

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Oh that is sad @JustTrish,

Hope you get lesser and lesser of those days,

they sucked big time cos I just worry and worry and then worry if this will offset my psychosis

Fortunately I do not believe that I will feel this deluded again regarding him

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It’s not helping that I have so many appointments or tests this month.

I hope you have irl friends and family that can help keep you grounded if it happens again.

Good luck with your tests and appointments, hopefully they will show you some good results

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Thanks so much. 1515

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You are welcome :hugs:

Take care

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