Sorry for my brakedown, you see im just in to the 6th day of the FLU

This Is a long story to tale sumeing it up , the neighbor can over sick and I rushed him to the ER, got sick my other friend was here and she got sick, and we sent my roommate off in a plane knowing he well have it soon, sorry, so sorry. now 6 days of feeling like death warmed over, I’m trying to clean again, between coughing and hacking a lung up. having sweets, chills, and all over pain. there is good news, schizophrenia is head bad, bleed ins, thoughts of commentating realities are on a all time high. lesson to the intervoice rattle and mun , try to fallowing music has been a joke too. can stay focused. and my support teem isn’t not helping much. cold weather, and ever my dryer checked out, fried and I had to replace it, money I need for rent. and if you ask me I’m to short on people with not feeling good. sorry.

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I hope you feel better soon. It is cold here too.

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