Sorry for being troublesome

To be honest I’m not getting the level of help I need right now. My APN is nothing more than a means to prescribe myself medication, and I mean prescribe myself because I am the one who recommends all the medications, knows the interactions between medications and have actually informed her on how certain meds worked.

As for therapy basically she is just there to listen because I do all the work there myself.

This is how incompetent the majority of those working in mental health are…I like her, she puts up with a lot of crap on my part and she is smart and unflappable but the system just doesn’t properly train anyone.

I don’t really have any faith that I’ll ever find a therapist more competent at working with me than myself. The best I can do is find a psychiatrist who I can tolerate and that can tolerate me.

Summary: all these years in the mental healthcare system & I’m still my own therapist


Sup anna …u started working now right…i mean a job …

you shouldn’t have to steer this ship alone!


No no job, can’t find a job until I move. God this month just needs to be over. I knew it was going to be bad, I braced myself and did everything I could, but it’s still bad. I’ve just got to ride it out another 3 weeks.

Frankly I’m terrified of making the long road trip down to my new house because of my untreated narcolepsy. I have not been driving anywhere until after I have my daily sleep attack after that very frightening incident where I was passing out at the wheel/drifting into other lanes/etc I’ll have to figure out what to do about that.


Perhaps ur nurse is not a pmhnp and is rather just an apn who has not studied specifically for mental health. There is a big difference there.

And its not within any nurse’s scope of practice to give the type of therapy you need and seem to desire.

Sleep tight anna …it absouletly important Are u still on ativan…u can try melatonin…for sleep…

She’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She works full time at a mental hospital and sees some people for individual therapy/med management on the side.

I know exactly how much training on pharmacotherapy nurses get and it’s not anywhere near as much as a doctors and if she hasn’t taken a refresher course in a while she’s probably rusty.

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Hey, Anna. I know you’re going through a tough time right now. Please work on getting adequate medical care - this forum isn’t equipped to do that for you.

I’m very concerned about you, not only because you’re not sleeping, but because your insight seems to have gone out the window. Please get in with a doctor as soon as possible. As you’ve noted, your current setup isn’t enough for you.

I’m going to have to lock or delete the demon threads for a while. You don’t seem to be making any progress in them, and honestly, you don’t seem like you want help, but instead just to riff on the subject for a while. We’ve had three get out of hand three days in a row - two of them yours and one from a poster who got worked up over one of yours. It’s having a bad effect on people here.


I’m asking her to put me back on Ativan. I really don’t think I’d be having any problems at all if my sleep were normal.

I’m drifting back and forth between whether everything is real or not. I’ve noticed the upset and I’m sorry when I’m posting I’m pretty emotional and not thinking.

I see her tomorrow and basically I won’t leave until she prescribes me something for sleep.

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I understand. I just wanted to let you know in advance why we have to do this. It’s a difficult subject for a lot of people here, even when it’s in Unusual Beliefs.

Have you moved yet? I have been assuming that you haven’t. Maybe things will settle a bit for you once your family is around again.

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No…move is upcoming…then all will be well…my family will have been moved in for a month so post move craziness should have died down somewhat and I will go back into a normal class schedule and will find a part time job as well so things should definitely normalize.

Structure+consistent social interaction+good sleep=😊

Lack of structure+isolation+bad sleep=:scream::scream::scream:


Anna that remind me of way 12 go quotes. .haha just kidding. .


Oh no ahahaha

-sagar somebodyorother

@Anna, I think competent psychiatric is best to deal with SZ. It means he should be straight forward to his patients. Whether we like or dislike. Talking something like equivocation ( to round aquire reply) is causing suffer. But psychiatric may hide something from their patients, it is profession.

I hate to say it, @Anna, but sometimes you come across as a real piece of work. To some extent, I can commiserate with you given my own artistic temperament. But, you really have to stop flipping out over everything! Just chill and do something fun for a change.

People who know me say they appreciate me because I’m low drama and laid back but they don’t see what goes on behind the curtains :joy:

I’ve tried to set up fun things for myself. Yesterday I had friends over for dinner drinks and fireworks. It was lovely until bedtime :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


My therapist finally responded and now I have more geodon and klonopin. (She always thinks I was on klonopin, I was on Ativan jeez Louise well I’m gonna be on klonopin now)

What’s the difference between Ativan and klonopin

I think clonazepam is supposed to last longer when you take one

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Oh let the klonapin days begin, hopefully it helps. Be careful of addiction and tolerance