Sorry for asking stupid questions and bothering you

I got diagnosed with psychosis 4 months ago so I’m not knowledgeable in this… sorry

Thanks for everyone’s advice, I’ll listen to my doctors


Hey, we have all been where you are. The important thing is that you are able to see reality again. Looks like Abilify is working for you! How have you been emotionally, since you have come to realize the truth?

Uhh very mixed feelings really first i was ashamed for having believed in them, then happy to not believe in them
Hard to explain for me.

Also yes I think Abilify works for me


You don’t have to be ashamed. You disn’t commit a moral failing. You have a condition that causes your neurotransmitters to go out of balance and make you believe false things. It would be lile being ashamed because you can’t walk on a broken leg. When the orgam responsible for rational thought is injured, your rational thought is impaired.

What happened to you could have happened to anyone, and has indeed happened to everyone here. If you want, you can look back at my first post here, where I believed my credit card was a government tracking device and refused to believe otherwise. I intentionally haven’t deleted that thread because I think it is important for people to see im not lying when I say I used to be extremely sick.

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Yeah I get what you mean.
People say I think its “trendy” to be SZ when in reality I think the opposite (that its not something to glorify)

Some people have more patience than others. I signed up for this job because I happen to have a lot of it. Others get understandably frustrated when dealing with someone who hasn’t developed full insight yet. It is hard to talk to someone who is deep in psychosis because obvious truths about the world appear to be obvious lies to them. I have learned that there is no way to convince someone their delusions aren’t real unless they are already starting to doubt.

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Hey, you’re young and it’s OK to ask questions. That’s how you learn.
If you ask a bunch of questions it’s OK if a few of them are stupid. (within reason). You don’t need to be perfect, you’re allowed a little leeway.

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