Sorry about all my crap

I’m sorry about getting super absorbed with my personal life on here. I feel like I’m taking up everyone else’s time with my relationship problems. This is just the only place I have to post about it because I feel like you guy know C’s good side. I only complain about him to everyone else because 1) when I say things like that I’m looking for advice 2) I don’t want to just go brag to everyone else about how great he is. I feel comfortable bringing it up here because sometime we sz’s tend to doubt that anyone will ever love us so I feel like it’s good to put those fears to rest.

So before anyone says anything about ‘yeah, it is annoying’ this is a support group and this is what I need support on the most. I just want to be the woman he deserves.

For everyone else (and I believe that’s probably 99.99% of you) thank you so much for your support. I have a hard time forming relationships so they’re a big deal for me.

It’s good for all to have a safe place to talk about things, don’t apologize.


You’re definelty not annoying, I really enjoy your input.

And it makes me think I will find love again :heart_eyes: ahah


This is the place to come to vent about any problem you have. Not everyone can always relate, but there is usually someone who understands.

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say what you want…:sunny:
do remember i talk about aliens :alien: all the time…
and food :birthday:
and coffee :coffee:
and bunnys’ :rabbit:
and hats :hatched_chick:…( what the…where did my hat go !?!’s magic !..’ exspelliarmus ’ !?! )
take care :alien:

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I never found you annoying. I often apologize for stuff I haven’t done thinking I have… so I get it. Hugs

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I think you’re cool. Good for you for really caring about your relationship !

It is good to come here with your worries and troubles. Forming healthy relationships can be hard for us, so reading about your struggles and accomplishments is really good for everyone. You, @Patrick, @darksith, and @velociraptor set a good example of realistic long term relationships.

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