Soothing voices

Goddess Annette: “God and devil are fighting over your soul”
Jesus:“you’re the chosen one of my heart, I love you”
Jesus: “you are the sole king in the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth but you don’t see it”.

I feel I experience a spiritual experience. My voices are soothing. I hear Jesus and Goddess Annette.


Since Easter I hear Jesus speaking in a soothing voice.

Voices are located in different parts of the brain. Usually I hear them behind my ears.

Today during meditation I was hearing voices and I felt I was growing taller.

why do you think you are expiriencing this ?

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I don’t know. Maybe it’s a spiritual experience.

what makes you believe its spiritual ?

They talk about spirituality and religion.

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Nice article… 15151515

And I identify goddess Annette with Virgin Mary and mother of Buddha. She is the Holy mother of all.
Meanwhile demons tell me to die.

“die die you arsehole, you useless cuunt”

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I sometimes wonder if your Annette is the same as my Teena.