Sooner or later?

Is there anything such as a constant psycosis?

Like, if a person is currently psycotic but in treatment will they certainly come out of it sooner or later?

I think they will come down eventually. Dont know for sure though. Just based off my experience

Yes, there is constant psychosis, it’s called chronic paranoid schizophrenia, I have it. Most schizophrenics are not always psychotic like I am. I forgot normal.

My psychosis becomes increasingly constant without medication. I eventually pass the point where I lose my insight and no longer realize I’m psychotic. Medication has made me mostly free from psychosis. Just took a very long time to get it right.


Are you psycotic even while on meds? Like literally constantly. Hm…

Nothing is certain regarding prognosis.

It’s takes a lot of time and focus to unravel a psychosis. Each one is different.

I’m having luck with mine, but it is still very much there. Dealing with people always brings it out.

Before my first hospitalization, I was pretty constant in my psychosis… everyday just got worse and worse… I don’t remember it letting up… It didn’t come and go… it came…stayed and grew.

It’s like the brain just wasn’t calming down… not without the meds.

Yeah. Like to a lesser degree but yeah. Chronic schizophrenia is no joke.

There was a period, where I was not on an antipsychotic, but was on mood stabilizers and an antidepressant.

I was delusional for decades - constantly.

As soon as I went on an antipsychotic - POOF))) the psychosis disappeared.

Antipsychotics are called that for a reason, they’re supposed to stop you from becoming psychotic. If one doesn’t work, you’re supposed to try another. If a few don’t work you might be termed treatment resistant. Clozaril is supposed to be the best for people who have tried a few antipsychotics that haven’t worked, but it’s a serious decision to take it.

But , some people are completely treatment resistant, for them, the ‘later’ may never come.

Speaking for myself, I have been arguably very psychotic, bur eventually reality settled back in. I just couldnt believe my psychotic lies any longer. My psychologist said I got my sanity back quickly, which Im satisfied with if that is the truth.

Yep it’s called psyochotic beyond help, think about those poor souls in a padded room for the rest of their lives.

i woke up in one of those rooms when I was 13 ,its not a good place to be .

After ingesting 7 hits of blue smurf (LSD),I guess that I was trying to climb my apartment building then jump off, my ma didn’t what else to do with me.

I actually woke up in 5 point restraint , and I remember waking up and talking to the the doc ,then all hell broke loose i don’t remember much after that.

Does everyone with sz have chronic psycosis, i mean is there a difference between chronic sz and just sz?

Yes there is a difference.

Normal scz have periods of clarity.