Soon parting from my puppy

Thank you everyone!
Altogether we spent over $10000 on this sick dog.
We had to return her to the pet store in order to get some of the money back.

They said she will be going up for adoption.

I hope to God they keep their promise and don’t euthanize her.


This specialized dog store also runs an animal shelter.
So I’m hopeful


I’m sorry this happened to you @Wave it must be very difficult to have to give up your puppy.

Unfortunately, many pet stores sell puppies that come from puppy mills. These puppy mills need to be shut down as many of the puppies are sick or have long term health issues. Additionally, the conditions at puppy mills are terrible and inhumane for the breeding dogs.

Most reputable pet stores do not sell puppies for this reason. As a community service, reputable pet stores may host adoption events with local animal welfare groups to help with adopting our cats and dogs.


I know all about puppy stores @Moonbeam
I should have known better.

There is no excuse but I was duped.

We blame ourselves.

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It’s not your fault. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the puppy mill operators.


This puppy store is well known in the tristate area.
My puppy came from a breeder not from a puppy mill.
Supposedly their puppies come from breeders but now I just don’t know how truthful they were.

I mean the puppy came with papers and a certificate saying it comes from champion bloodlines.

My therapist got her dog from there too.

Their reputation is mixed. @Moonbeam


I assume the breeder didn’t really correctly breed the dogs. Poor pup :frowning:

I’m sorry that you have to part ways with her. I pray that she can get the best care that she deserves. Parting ways with any doggo is really, really hard.


Glad to see you around OP and I am sorry to hear that your doggy didn’t work out for you.

Also happy to hear you can possibly rehome her through the store.


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