Soon 18 :/

What were you diagnosed with?

Mine is schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. Anxiety. OCD.

“psychotic disorder NOS” and anxiety disorder NOS
also autism

They may be hesitant to label you with something more specific, given your age. If you notice changes or attributes to your illness, be certain to tell them. It may help to clarify things for them. I wasn’t diagnosed with sza until I was in my 20s. Symptoms of anxiety were there when I was a young child, and bipolar symptoms were very apparent when I was 18. But no one diagnosed.

they suspected sz but didnt diagnose me

they wrote that my psychotic-level thoughts and paranoid thoughts were episodic-like

My 18th birthday was just another day to me-nothing special. There were no big changes; I already had a a car and my license, a job and lived on my own. My life didn’t change when I turned 18 except I had to register for the draft; it was no big deal. And most of my birthdays were the same. Turning 16, 21, 30, 40, 50 and 60 were all anti-climatic. I had a birthday cake and a couple presents and then the next day, life went on as usual. Maybe the same will be true of you.

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You shouldn’t be scared. You’re only 18. I am a little nervous, I’m turning 31 next month. The only thing scary about it is that life feels short, but that means to have a ball while you’re here!

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Happy birthday :partying_face::birthday::bouquet:

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I would go back in time and tell myself to meditate every day.