Sonic Seduction

When I was severely ill I entertained many dark thoughts. I won’t go into the details but they were very disturbing. Now that I’m doing a lot better I’ve really tried to avoid dark things.

The other day I was browsing and read about a band releasing a new album. I had heard of them before and was curious what all the fuss was about so I looked them up on youtube.

Oh my, they are good. I won’t name them as they are an extreme metal band that would probably invoke unpleasant symptoms in those vulnerable to such things. I was entranced by their song. The vocals were incredible and the music almost haunting.

I want to hear more, but I worry about the effect on me. I can feel myself drifting back a bit, to old thought patterns when I listen. I haven’t listened to this type of music in years. Wow, just kind of weird how things can pull at you.


Alice in Chains… “Would”
Love the song… remember what I did when I was listening to it on a constant loop…
Can’t listen to it now. Most likely shouldn’t. It makes me crave.

It is odd how quickly the brain will grab onto something and start opening the box of old habit and attitudes.


When I was not doing well in the past, I listened to Heavy Metal - funny thing is I dont like Heavy Metal really.
I do like some stuff from Metallica and Megadeth - but am not listening to it now

i find certain music very triggering, and can pull me back into a bad way of thinking, but funnily enough not heavy metal, i find it quite soothing most of the time.
take care