Songs You Thought Were Written About You While Psychotic

While psychotic, I actually believed this song from Jet was exclusively written about me…


Any song within earshot.


…and this one…

I used to sing that song and listen to it so much back in the day.

Way to go, jet!

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Saturday night’s alright for fighting was a good song for my problems. It was done by Elton John.

Were the people around you actually changing, or could you eventually see that it was only your own false perceptions of them? I feel like the people around me have somehow changed very often. But people insist that things haven’t changed for them.

I thought he sang some parts about me and some parts to me

this is the song for the women in my head…

Yes pretty much anything I would hear. Turned to classical music so I didn’t have the lyrics. It was soothing.

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Has anyone else ever heard voices in instrumental music?

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I’ve heard voices sing along to my music sometimes…

Yes, I’ve heard my name being said or called out in the instrumental music.

I believed that I was the Antichrist and this is a song from the many I was listening back then…
I had alogia and the lyric ''He had a lot to say,he had nothing to say I had believed that was refering to me.

Yeah, but apparently so do a bunch of normies. There was some study done where scientists played instrumental music and told people to hit a button when they heard a singer. Like 25% of them pushed the button.

Oh, so many songs were all about me. This one is just spooky, though.

I was in the hospital, they had country music on I ended up going up to the nurses and sharing my sorrow with them that I had just found out my wife was cheating on me. Seems funny now not at the time though.

well that just paranoia, my friend. i know a lot about it.

of course, it could be fate that you had the chance to listen to these songs within your lifetime

…another song I felt was written exclusively about me at the time…