Song: Trial by Fire

One of my heavier songs.

Listen to Trial by Fire by David Cragg (Cragger) on #SoundCloud

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I like it. It sounds very “live”. Are those real drums? And dang the solo at 3:00 is crazy haha there’s a lot to learn form this song.

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Really freakin’ :+1: great! What was giving you that great distortion on the rythym parts? Fantastic! Also the audio separation was nice, everything sitting well, no phase cancellation or any of that muddy stuff. Are you gonna be publishing any time soon? Coz you really should.

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@ThePoet no, not real drums. That is a program called ezdrummer. I wrote and recorded all the parts except for the lead. All the credit goes to my buddy Bob on that one. He’s one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen in my life. F****** incredible

@iconoclast_01 thanks very much man. The sound I got just from cranking everything to the max LOL. The minute you lift your finger off the strings, you would get feedback. I’m trying to publish an album with the band right now, but maybe this might wind up on our second album



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