Song That Followed me Everywhere

Have a Cigar by Pink Floyd is the most played or sung song in my memories

It was played after I was kidnapped, raped at gunpoint and then dosed with MDMA. It was played in the warehouse in which I was tortured and trained. It was sung A Capella style in my honor at a party at Harvard one night. It was played as I made my appearance as a um…ecstacy selling raccoon before setting fire to that place. And finally it was played before I was thrown out of a plane over Pakistan…

It was played a lot and brings back many memories of things that never were.

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Excellent song. Did any of that stuff really happen to you? It brings back nothing but good memories for me. Partying in my friends bedroom in high school with no cares and no responsibility with it playing on his record player.

One of my least favorite floyd tunes.

How the blank are you gonna follow shine on with have a cigar on that album?

It just didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of it.

memories are like computer programming, you can put things in and take things out, you can also make a real memory seem a certain way when it wasn’t at all.

If one was to live again and be given a new mind you can have memories of having memory problems.