Song lyrics for melodic hardcore band I’m starting that’s about my abusive Ex

You belittled me I gave you the flesh of my insecurity’s and you took surgical tools and and made manulapitive Insicions. All you needed to do was to keep them stored and cared for… with age they invedibtly would have matured. Instead you just fed on my most nourishing quality’s made me a product of the modern world.,… what if I told you I was old fashioned and I have flaws like The ones before me, you made me think that my batch was ridden with disease. And to forget the ones I once cared for was the only way to please. Well Now I’m telling you to steer your own ■■■■■■■ ship. Because now my mind is well equipped…and even though apart of me still loves you. I know that that ship has sailed. I bet your glad I fell out of love….because the oceans for me has been rough… but the impairment from my Disability will not stop me from spreading love and chaos… so as the captain I will set my sails… .


Good lyrics
It’s great
Some bits are brilliant
I’ll have another read

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Do you want constructive feedback?
Very non professional take it or leave it feedback?

I havve never been in a relationship and I dont want to be :joy:

So sorry for picking holes
I actually think it’s pretty amazing

Yess!!! I’d love feedback!

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