Sometimes you just gotta help a brother out

A good friend of mine messaged me earlier. He told me he didn’t have anything to eat, and he works the graveyard shift.

I felt so bad and worried for him.

So I made him a couple sandwiches and invited him over and gave him the sandwiches.

We hung out for a little while before he started his shift. I also gave him a soda.

It breaks my heart that there’s so much food in my country (America) and that people still go hungry at times.

Sometimes you just gotta help people if you can.


  • Monte

That’s a good thing you did. There is nothing worse than working and not reaping enough benefit to even feed yourself.

It sounds like they need your support at the moment :frowning:

If you had done that for me that wouldn’t be something I would forget either.


That’s awesome you should feel good about yourself.


Thank you @GrayBear and @Joker :slight_smile: . I feel okay. It’s an old friend of mine’s birthday in a few days. I’m feeling rather emotional tonight.

Take care, :v:.


Hi @Montezuma. Helping out a friend is good karma, you did great.
Hope you make it through the night, sorry that you’re not feeling well.


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