Sometimes when I think

About the fact that I don’t have teeth I start to panic. I’m trying to be calm about it but life is so different.


I’m having really bad tooth pain right now. Have any advice to ease the pain?

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I used to work as an assistant to an oral surgeon,

What you’re feeling is completely normal and kind of part of the process.

I think everyone gets a little panicky when they realize all their teeth are actually gone.

But don’t get too upset,

Its better than having broken, infected teeth.



@FatMama at least you dont have to brush your teeth ! :grin: :tooth:

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Rinse a few times a day with warm salt water. If it is swollen go get antibiotics. Some people swear by orajel. It never worked for me. Put on either hot or cold bag. Whatever feels the best. Use tylenol to control pain.

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