Sometimes people just want to vent

Anyone else always try to solve everyone’s problems on this forum? I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes people aren’t really looking for solutions. Sometimes they just want to vent their issues. And maybe get some words of sympathy.


I think that is mostly true. I had a good suggestion of a solution the other day that I get some books instead of video. I think I’m going to try it and see how I do with reading.

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It depends, really. Sometimes I just come to complain cause I know y’all will listen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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People relating to my symptoms is sometimes the best I can get.

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Yeah, sometimes people ARE wanting solutions. But I have had a habit in the past of trying to come up with solutions to issues when I think people really just wanted to get something off their chests. Sometimes a kind word is better than problem solving.


It’s a pretty broad community. Some come for answers. Some come for questions and there’s those who come to socialise. Still not a bad crowd and we cater for all folks regardless of why you come here. I still find it something I want to participate in either though I don’t post as much these days even 20 years later.


A wise friend of mine once said “people don’t always want to be fixed. Sometimes they just need their friend to listen to them, and agree that whatever they’re upset about sucks”


There are times where I want to vent, and I’m not looking for advice, because there are so many obstacles. Other times, advice is helpful. I might start a free CBT program much sooner than I planned (my original date was mid October). With the help of the forum, I realized there was no really good time to start (just like dieting), so I might as well dive right in.

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Yep, I’m guilty of this. I love to help people, because it makes me feel useful and clever and worthy. But you’re right that not everyone wants advice.

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