Sometimes life calls for Plan B

Are any of you on Plan B and relatively comfortable there?
I am. I always knew I didn’t want to get married but I did hope to share my life living with another woman. Well, I ended up in a group home that only takes women. It’s definitely Plan B but ok with me.


More like Plan M. Not being funny, I just seem to keep hitting detours and winding up on different paths than the ones I was planning to journey along.


I don’t have a plan for life anymore. I just take it one day at a time since sz. At one time I was going to be an electrician. I did electrical work for like 5 years but sz ruined that.


I have a new plan for my life. Plan C. It’s not what I’d originally intended, but it’s still something that could work for me, something that I think I could be happy with and proud of.

I thought I would be something very different, but then life ■■■■■ slapped me pretty hard, like it did most of us here.

It seems I’ve had a different focus for each decade of my life. I’m coming up on my 50s. Time to reroute again.


Isn’t your Plan B about your work as a moderator? That seems to me like a fair substitute. You can be depended on.

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I’m mostly a hermit
Whatever plan that is

I’m comfortable with it


I think you just want a place where you can put yourself first.

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Ehh…I don’t know. It’s something but I’m not sure it is the equivalent of a career. I’m not complaining though, I enjoy being a mod for the most part.

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I’m comfortable living with plan B. I just wish I could afford more food besides noodles

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It might lead to something.

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[ peeks out from under couch to see if trap line has caught any ankles yet ]

Life’s a but like that wire game where it’s hooked up to a battery and you gotta get the hoop to the end without touching it.
But then you touch it and have to start again. And again lol.


I thought it was a pretty modern sculpture.


I know someone that did very poorly and she said she was on Plan B. I think we have to be careful.
I like to think of just the idea of adapting to changes in our lives.

I am on Plan Z.

You also on plan A , z, i, and z


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I’ve had so many plans and they have changed a lot and may indeed change more, I can’t really talk about just plan b. It’s more like plan a, b, c, d, e… Etc.

Right now idk if I want to rent or buy.

I really want to buy but idk if I can get a job that’s going to pay for it

I don’t really want to work day and night all my life to pay for it, that’s just a temporary idea

Never had any plan. Things have just progressed in a fairly jumbled way, high ups to low downs, which I suppose in the whole would be the way I’d like it… except for the extremes at both ends which never fail to cause me trouble, as in right now where I’m having seemingly lucid times, juxtaposed with lurid hallucinatory states. It’s distressing.

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