Sometimes it's better not to know things

Was talking about the past with my brother. He mentioned what happened when he was born. What he was told by our mother.
My mother was full term pregnant . My father had come back from accompanying Harold Macmillan to something. He enthused about how attractive the stewardesses were. My mother flipped out about it.He hit her and she fell down the stairway.My brother was born at the bottom of the stairs.


That’s tragic.

I hope it didn’t impact the health of your brother.

It’s hard to say. He’s above averagely intelligent , but not as bright as my sister and I. His health isn’t great. That’s more to do with how his childhood affected him psychologically, and behaviours arising from that, than to do with his birth. I don’t condemn him for those behaviours, it was his way of trying to cope. We have both struggled to cope psychologically with a far less than perfect childhood and the effects of bullying.


An update . Cow dung has really hit the fanbelt! Brother went on major rant and rave at my sister. He’s been saying things to me that are not bizarre, but somewhat unlikely to be true. Hence my OP . He’d talked of going off his meds, but hadn’t told me he had. All the evidence however is pointing that way. I think he’s definitely had tactile hallucinations. Repeatedly washing the bedding ;'because of bugs. Is definitely not thinking straight i.e talking of shutting off of electrical appliances like the fridge to save money.

Don’t let anyone tell you that lived experience makes you better at helping a relative or friend who’s delusional. It doesn’t. It’s still hard finding that sweet spot between agreeing with the delusion(, easier to do when it’s non bizarre), and openly contradicting the person. Both are problematic.

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