Sometimes I'm afraid

sometimes I’m afraid of not being myself, of being possessed, of seeing intrusive images, being a horrible person, losing my soul, dying, losing my mind


Yes, I’m a bit of a worrier too. The things I worry about don’t seem to happen though.


I worry about the same things and then some. I know that worrying about being a terrible person comes with my depression, and being possessed, not being myself, and losing my mind comes with my sza. I’m sure if you think about it, you can figure out the origin of each fear and maybe that will help you to understand it a little better. For me, I know they are unfounded because I know they are being caused by internal stimuli.

There’s this one thing I’m really worried about but I’m so scared of it that I can’t express it to others cos it will maybe jinx it

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I’m always worrying and fearful of everything!
Depakote helps with anxiety somewhat but it’s not enough.
Benzos didn’t help so much when I was on them.

The fear is probably SZ related.

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