Sometimes I'd like to find a partner

I have been single with quite limited social interactions for long time and sometimes it bothers me, frankly speaking I would not know how it would be to be with somebody, just venting here …

I never wanted a girlfriend for years, then as soon as I quit benzos (about a month ago) , I decided I want one.

I went out with lots of (normal) women before my diagnosis and lived with someone for 2 years, so it’s not completely pie in the sky that I could end up with someone.

You were married, so it must be the same for you.

You seem like a reasonable and kind person… I think you have a good chance at this…

Your previous comments have mentioned women noticing you.

Good luck man. Meeting people is tough. 90% of the time they aren’t who you think they are…

Just me spitting rhetoric here with that last line.

I wouldn’t want to inflict myself on any female. In about two months I would be driving her crazy and she would be driving me crazy. I’m too accustomed to my solitude to have a girlfriend.