Sometimes I wonder if I am doing any good

Recent example. I posted on the 5x increase of schizophrenia with cannabis and got 5 replies. Sz admin posts on same topic hours later and gets 29 replies.
This often happens ie that I post some news and get little in the way of response only for Sz admin to post the same news from a different source and get a much larger response.
I think perhaps people are indifferent about my attempts to help and much prefer it if was left to
Sz admin to post articles.

I can’t remember what it was about, but I know that you’ve made posts that’ve helped me before.

The posts that really hit close to home, I tend to enjoy privately (no like/no comment). Why, I’m not sure lol

I didn’t see or read either posting if that makes you feel any better, that’s great. If you feel worse I’m sorry.

You’re doing good for others, firemonkey.

I often wonder if it’s good for you, though, searching for it every day.

I just sometimes feel I’m wasting my time.

I read every news article you post, if it’s any consolation.

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Something about that phrase seems important to my life, but I can’t explain why that is.

This seems especially conceited, I’m not very tactful sometimes.

Probabaly it resonates with something in your life…

I wouldn’t like to say. I am quite obsessive when it comes to searching for articles. Some might say there’s an Aspergic quality to it. I guess it’s my way of trying to contribute given that I struggle with the more socialised aspects of posting. Although I am slightly more social here than on many other forums.

Than, if it helps and it helps others, you should continue.

My father was a diplomat. I didn’t take after him.

I like your posts @firemonkey I worry about your well being…hang in there tiger.

it still gets indexed in google search atleast or if someone is searching for something on the site, then they may read it at a later time.

your hard work is not done in vain kind sir.

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