Sometimes I think to myself

Am I really mentally ill? Wasn’t I just depressed? Why was I in psych hospital fourteen times? Was it really necessary? Is my illness really that serious? Was I really psychotic or was I just faking?

It seems to bewilder me sometimes…

These things swirl around in my head. Does these things occur to anyone else too? Does any of you question your psych history too?


Sometimes but I know I’m mentally ill

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When reality finally sinks in did you know you have schizophrenia it’ll take some time and Recovery is not far down the line just a simple reminder the truth is not found just anywhere recovery comes to those who seek normalcy not vengeance in reality is only as good as the touch and feel that is placed upon it


You’re not faking it; your mental illness is not a choice. I’m sure there were many times during your episodes or during hospitalizations where you would have done anything to have the mental pain stop. If you were faking it, you would have stopped torturing yourself.


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