Sometimes I live a dangerous life

I took a job helping a friend his son has been put in jail and all this stuff had to be moved from his apartment including his car my job was to wash the truck and trailer why it was being loaded neighborhood was so bad the during my shift more than five people tried to steal stuff out of the trailer one of them was trying to distract me while another one took something out of the trailer after running them off and being in the cold for more than two and a half hours I was given a job to drive the person’s car to the other town I was a little hesitant due to the fact that there was a suicide knob on the steering wheel I would have took the gas if they were probably drugs and a gun in there too after dropping it off and unloading the trailer I was paid and went home only to be shanghaied I want a roommate for lottery tickets


What is a “suicide knob” @DrZen . Forgive me I am not that bright.

It’s often used in racing. It’s just a knob that attaches to the steering wheel and makes it easier to drive one handed.

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Yeah, that neighborhood sucks. When my husband and I were cleaning and organizing our garage, neighbors were checking out all our stuff and calling people and saying there was a bunch of free stuff to take. It was awful.


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