Sometimes I laugh by myself when I hear voices

For example, when I have been writing here, I got some sentences in a female voice saying *is that the place where cowboys meet …?.’ sometimes it is just so funny that it makes me to laugh alone


Yes, myself as well, they all think im by myself though so it doesn’t make sense to them.

I’ll hear some funny stuff in my head as well. I do laugh out loud. Sometimes (if I’m at home with family) I like to point to my head and say, “If you could hear this, you’d laugh too.”

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I laugh at my voices a lot, there wild at some times.

I find my self laughing out loud a lot also. The some of the things my branches ( voices) say are hilarious.

I don’t laugh out loud but I smile when it gets wierd. I answer the voices whispering sometimes.

I do the same thing, if it’s funny, I can’t help but laugh out loud.
Sometime if I can, I will explain it to those present, otherwise, I just enjoy the looks I get from those who don’t get it.

Hey! @pansdisease! I’m glad to see you back! Are you doing better now?

When I am on local buses, I get these funny voices sometimes, which makes me to laugh, but I try to control myself so that other people do not notice this. It is just funny sometimes.