Sometimes I have a real problem with people

Basically the matter is that I think they may be talking about me when I hear them talking on the cell phones or otherwise, I know is just a part of my paranoid delusions, thinking that other people behave like that, my solution for this has been to ignore these thoughts and continue living without worrying that others may talk about me, I do have just quite limited contacts with people and I do not go to bars or restaurants where other people might be. In many ways I try to live by myself with some limited human contacts. Just venting here a little …


I have really bad paranoia, if I am ever around other people I think they are watching me or talking about me. I have lots of problems talking to people anyway.

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I deal with it. I try not to talk to people by my mom and bf. i feel like everyone has something bad to say about me I obsesse over thinking my bf is dishonoring our relationship when he’s just like me alone. I feel like my mom is never on my side even know she acts like it. I can’t even talk about this cause they say I’m overreacting even know I am and I feel like I’m not paranoia