Sometimes i hate medicaid

sometimes I really hate Medicaid, they charged me for the xray during my ER visit for my ankle then they charged me for the boot and crutches. I have a cast now and need to have it removed and have a better cast put on. I got a walker but I bet they will charge me for that too. Then they told me I used all my free trips to appointments. sorry for the rant just so frustrated with this whole stinking system.

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Agreed. I have a friend who was supposed to get her jaw fixed and they pushed it back a couple of months. She went way longer than she should’ve eating pudding and rice :frowning: .

Hmm could you try and get some stuff at thrift stores. I know over here, we can pick up perfectly good walkers at a medical thrift store. But, I’d be careful with some of the stuff. However, you can get some good stuff. I hope thinks start looking up soon. Take care.

The good thing is they approved my ride to my orthopedist appointment and my partner is coming with me.

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Do you think your partners parents could give you a lift to appointments? That could save on taxi fares.

I doubt I can rely on them, especially when its close to weekends. I would have to make appointments around their schedules and that can be difficult.

I saw a good one on sale at the Salvation Army once for $20.00. It was on wheels, and it had brakes and levers to keep it in place when you needed it to do that. It had a place you could sit down on when it was stabilized. It also had pouches where you could put your wallet and other belongings. I think that kind of a walker would cost around $70.00 new. That’s the only one I have seen here in Oklahoma. I don’t know about medical thrift stores. You might ask the people at a few thrift stores in your area to keep an eye out for a good walker for you.

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