Sometimes I feel meaningless

I suppose my depression is speaking now, but really sometimes I really feel meaningless without any value.


Always, not just me but everything

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I’m sorry you’re feeling down in the dumps. You’ve had a very interesting life so far. Definetely not meaningless.


You have plenty of value.
It’s the depression talking.


It’s the depression talking. Your life is not meaningless just because you don’t have kids or a wife. I don’t have a husband or any children anymore and I don’t think my life is meaningless or without value. I volunteer everyday and that gives me purpose and value to my life. The people I work with need and appreciate me. And it gives me joy to work with them. Have you ever thought of volunteering @mjseu?


I devalue everything. I feel worthless sometimes. I consider it a philosophical position-holding views that are radically at odds with society but in the forefront of the times, which is a lot of BS.

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“every hair on your head is counted”. you are precious to God…please don’t give up. I think you lead an exciting life living where you live…such a nice looking guy too…don’t give up!


You are literally the center of the universe, that might make you feel better.

It could also be something like a mineral deficiency, such as folic acid, causing the depression.

There was a story on NBC Evening News here in the U.S. about a week or two ago, about words of wisdom that someone was posting on trees for the general public, and they said in one message, (if I can remember this), “You are known, you are seen, and you are enough.” I believe someone did a whole lot of searching and consideration to come up with that wisdom. It helped me get through a period when I felt meaningless, and maybe it will help some others. I am thankful for what would have taken so much personal struggle to find.

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Me again. I found the quote. It is, “You are worthy. You are seen. You are enough.”

Listen to some music

I’ve been told and I believe that meaning is something that is only found in relationships or has grown out of relationships.

Meaning is only found in a relationship with a Higher Power.

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That depression will run a number on u. U r suffering and there is meaning in that, if u were neutral maybe meaningless, but ur experience of pain is real and therefore cannot be meaningless unlike a twenty dollar bill.