Sometimes I am just sad

I have started feeling these emotions, now I feel just sad … other people have it all and I am always alone … just feeling so sad …


Yesterday I was at one store and I saw people with their families, their cell phones and their friends and then I realized what I have lost, the reality was so sudden, I am just alone … I am so sad. Last night I just wanted to sleep over this nightmare that I experienced yesterday, the reality was so hurtful. I am just so sad.

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I’m sorry, @mjseu. It’s ok to feel sad. I hope you’ll do something nice for yourself and remember the good parts of your life. You take such lovely photos that I always think what a nice quiet life you live in such a pretty place. :heart:

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i’m sorry you’re feeling so sad and lonely @mjseu. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Whenever you post photos of your little town or you describe how you’re enjoying coffee in the quiet early morning hours, I always think you have such a nice pleasant life. But no life is perfect, of course, so you just have to take the good with the bad, I guess. Take care.

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I’m sad too @mjseu, Im only 39 and never had a chance at a career or to have a wife and kids. Im grateful that I have a loving family and a young nephew that I can play with. I hope you have a loving family of your own. Im sorry that you are sad, but you aren’t alone. Sending good wishes from New Jersey USA

"Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.”
― Octavio Paz

I am feeling this now … just so sad …

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Humans are, (for the most part with some exceptions of course) social and intelligent animals. Thus the key to happiness is a good social network and regular mental stimulation. A human being with no social relationships and no activity in their life is bound to be a depressed and generally unwell person.

Try finding some activity to participate in that you like. Often social relationships come along with this. If you have difficult socializing therapy can help. Group therapy especially may be a good choice as you could meet others with the same struggles who also really want friends/relationships but aren’t quite sure how to make them.

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