Sometimes I am just glad I am alive

I started sleeping last night quite early only to wake up few times during the night when people made some loud noises in their celebration of the midsummer festival. Any way it was nice to wake up in this morning, it was already over 20 C degrees in the morning and the sun was shining as it does right now. Came to my mind that I was just very glad that I was alive enjoying this wonderful weather while sitting with a cup of coffee on my balcony and enjoying the sunshine.


Those are the days, my friend, that I live for. When things get me down, I recall those days once more.
Life can be good sometimes, it’s all I can hope for.


Oh for life’s little pleasures. Sometimes I think they are the best.

I’m glad i"m just alive too. Grateful for my supportive and loving family, my dog, my cat, being able to breathe and smile at small things.


Such a positive post. Thank you for sharing @mjseu

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