Sometimes acting out and being crazy

…is what keeps you from going truly insane. Or at least that’s how it feels this week.



I find being silly and trying to make others laugh helps stave off the endless dark void.

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I sometimes get in a silly mood but I am usually quite serious.

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Maybe I need to lighten up more…I might have more fun.

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Hmm not sure that’s the only thing that stops me from going insane but it really does help…

I always feel good after

As if I’ve done exercise… Feel good feeling

Except the times when I’ve been told I’m being stupid by my mum n belong in a mental hospital. When acting out and being very silly.

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I agree. When you release your emotions sometimes, you gain better self control and restraint.
But I have made the mistake of thinking I am golden and have figured it out too many times only to get dragged into delusion and catatonia somehow anyways.


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