Somethings up with mark zuckerburg

I cant pin point what it is… hes gotta be into some weird stuff…south park had a good joke on him…well i dont hate him but…somethings fishy about this guy

His name is mark…he has a job infested sith sharks alpha males and hustlers…im trying to figure it out…ill start with the name mark zuckerburg…well its interesting

Haha its not serious …well hmmm okay yes

Not really fishy. But more farmy. He’s part goat.
65% goat and 35% egg


…and 110% douchenad.


You heard it folks, 65% goat , 35% egg and 110% douchenad for total of 210% may the force be with us :pray:


I respect. His success. He got kind of weird. But i like him i empathize

I miss the days when he was very popular

Im rooting for him despite his contreversy…if he wver makes a comeback i will eat crow and wear the mark zuckerburg brand pantyhose to bed with my futire wife every night

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