Somethings got to change!

today im thinking i don’t want to live past 65 years old. down from 84 down from 70, my life expectancy gets shorter and shorter. who knows maybe i will win the lottery and live a long life travelling the world haha.

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I think I’ll make it to 33-40 or something with my past life memories and poor life expectancy. I smoked too many cigarettes which should hit me in about 9 years (or 40). I’m 31 now.


i’ve been smoking too. smoked 2 packs yesterday, first time i’ve done that in a long time. i’ve been smoking about 2 and half years now. plan to quit, but always buy them when the time comes.

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I drink a lot of monsters so heart attack, stroke, dementia, aneurysm, or non-natural death basically (a fear of mine from past life memories). Since you don’t believe in past lives anymore, I don’t want to burden you, which is a good thing!

But I feel like I’m in a time loop or perhaps causal loop for eternity, and I never made it past 40. I think I made it once. 2023 seems like a weird year for me…Hell, maybe I’ll wake up in a clone body or back in time again; the latter being more likely.

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I’m going to be 62 in May, and I can imagine being alive ten years from now. Twenty years when I’m 82, probably not. My mom died at 81, and my grandparents lived to be 78 and 79.


I switched to vaping as I couldn’t quit.


yeah the owner of the gas station recommended a vape when i told him i was going to quit smoking. i may have to go that route, as i think im hooked now.


I never thought I would make it till 65, always had a death wish, still do


I’m guessing I’ll probably die sometime in my 60s.
I’m anticipating some serious health issues in the near future.
I already have a difficult time moving about.

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I recently got kind of a soda addiction. I have to switch to alkaline stuff.



Living. Breathing. Lasting Beyond The Not Long Ago Memories. Like Swimming In The Breeze.

I May Die In 20 Years. I May Die In Five Minutes. But!, The Fact Remains…, There Is No Escape.

I’ve Had Some Beautifully Serious Moments Spiritually About Death.

[[[Sign’s]]]. NOT THE MOVIE!!!. Although It’s A Good One. With A Great Cast. Oh Hollywood. . .

How I Love Thee. . .

N e Hoo.

Living, Breathing, Dying And Confusing The Living Hell Out Of Everyone.

Including Me.

I Was Once In A Coma.

And Well. . . No Book To Write. Because!.., No Memories. Not One Single Memory. . .

Of Being Inside My Mind, Or In The Great Unknown. Nothing At All.

Kinda Like A Nap. With Not One Single Dream. 7 Weeks Ended Quickly. And…,

Hello Hospital Bed!.

Point Is…,

If You Are Living A Good Life. Trying Your Best. And Fulfilling Your Dreams.

You’re Good To Go.


Because Either Way, You Won’t Feel A Thing.

Unless You Get Sent To Hell!.

Okokok…, I’m Kidding.

Or Am I (???).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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